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24 Seven News Intro & Graphics Package

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create a graphics package for a new corpoate news program
The goal was simply to create an intro and a graphics package for Georgia Power's new semi-monthly news program, 24 Seven. The graphics needed to convey a message of full coverage, night and day, 7 days a week. The intro needed to therefore also include a variety of employees in different departments.


How do you visualize the idea of 24/7? Numerous ideas were tossed around involiving clocks, suns, moons and calendars. In the end, a clock was screened over images of employees which were then placed inside boxes resembling days on a calendar. The clock wipes on in a circular pattern similar to an old film countdown. A couple quick flashes of the 2, 4, and 7 off an old film countdown bring it all together. Suns and moons were first tested as a part of the logo, but in the end video footage of stars, clouds, and sunsets helped convey the day and night message in the background.

Tools Used

after effects
All elements were composited in Adobe After Effects, including the 3D logo which utilizes a built-in plugin called shatter. Shatter is also seen exploding the words "twenty four seven" in the intro animation.

Illustrator was used to create the 24 Seven logo outline, which was then animated in After Effects.

final cut pro
The intro was edited from rendered After Effects quicktimes in Final Cut Pro. Rendering long animations and then cutting them to the music in Final Cut Pro was simpler than attempting to edit to music in After Effects. it also made it easier to change music and rearrange clips in the future.

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