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powerpoint in motion
The project started out as a powerpoint presentation. The goal was to make a data driven video out of it. So the background was stolen from a slide and put in motion. Similar video clips were used, and a consistent look was maintained throughout. Most bullet points exist and move in 3D space to keep the viewer's attention. The same holds for charts and graphs.


In the end, there was just too much detail to convey for some of the charts, and in the final version they were abandoned for simpler animated text statements. But they still look cool here. Enjoy!

Tools Used

after effects, photoshop & final cut pro
All the animation and elements were created in Adobe After Effects except the imported leaf and the background which were cleaned up in photoshop first. The video clips and photos were brought directly into After Effects. Voice and music were added in Final Cut Pro along with the rest of the edit by Diana Rigg.

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