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an elegant , low maintenagnce design
Since the interface is separate from the content pages, meeting announcements, member lists, classifieds and other pages can easily be updated by nearly anyone without fear of disturbing the graphic elements.

Technologies Used

The site utilizes frames for easy, fast navigation and simplified maintenance. After loading the initial page, no more interface graphics are loaded. Frames are a convenient way to hold an interface in place while allowing content to scroll. They are a good choice for a small member based web site designed to distribute information. They are not a good choice for a site that wishes to be indexed by search engines and sell products and services to customers. There can be issues with erroneous security notices and bookmarking the correct frame to return to a shopping cart or product page.

cascading style sheets
CSS rollover text over background images achieves the same effect that previously required many separate images linked to other "over state" images. The use of linked css also permits instantaneous adjustments to text color, font, ledding and size throught the site. All without ever editing a single html page.

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