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more than a presence - a company online
The Edmond-Howard Network offers more than an online brochure for the company. It's that and so much more. We set out to put nearly all the assets online. Samples from books to read, nearly 20 off the shelf products to be purchased over a secure connection, speakers to book, a discusson forum to answer any extreme technical questions and a search engine to help you navigate it all. It frequently promotes specials on new products via a splash page.


online store
At the time The Hownet Store was first implemented, online stores were relegated to larger companies with dedicated servers. A few technical hurdles had to be cleared to customize the cgi software to integrate the store into the look and feel of the site. A security certificate was acquired and installed on the server to provide secure credit card transactions.

Discussion forums have become more commonplace today, but even now they are seldom integrated seamlessly into a site as is the Wireless Wizard forum. The forum faced many of the same challenges presented to the online store.

More often than not, a forum a forum is a stand alone application or hosted on another server. The Wireless Wizard forum works and operates like any other part of the Edmond Howard network becuase it is simply another faction of the Edmond-Howard network.

Technologies Used

javascript entry page
A journey to The Edmond-Howard Network begins with a entry page that compliments the company's print materials. Javascript enables mousing over the main headings to bring up an image on the left, as well as a description of what to expect in that department. These descriptions are also repeated on the javascript enabled menu bar within subsequent pages.

cgi powered discussion forum
The Edmond-Howard network has a customized, cgi powered discussion forum moderated by "The Wireless Wizard" to answer all your questions on the wireless sales industry.

cgi based online store
A customized cgi based shopping cart engine drives The Hownet Store where visitors can purchase off the shelf wireless sales training books and materials.

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