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an expandable presence for a new venture
As production began, it was ascertained that immediate content and materials were few, but potential for growth was great. Starting with only one off-the-shelf product, an interface was designed with corresponding main departments and room to grow, and still featured limited searching and mousing for content.

Technologies Used

javascript page previews
Javascript makes for easy previewing of multiple pages of comic books, without loading a completely new page. The same technology was used to preview web pages in the document you're viewing right now.

animated gifs
The comic book featured was drawn by many of the same cartoonists that draw Marvel and D.C. Comics. It was so beautiful that an animated gif was used to show off a sampling of the pages right off the bat.

cascading style sheets
The use of linked css permits instantaneous adjustments to font, color, ledding and size throught the site. All without ever editing a single html page.

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