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The Wireless Experience


an attractive presence for a new venture
This company was a new venture for 3 well-known companies in the wireless training industry. It was important to highlight the names of the companies and their founders to add credibility, without linking to their particular web sites. The interface was designed for growth, and the front page's right column is designed to lead visitors to the most important announcements quickly.


The client was fond of the "aqua" look of Macintosh's new operating system. The navigation tabs appear to be made of a clear plastc that gives them dimension. Aqua-blue tabs show you your present location. This was more challenging than expeceted. Pre-designed effects produced neither the color or dimension desired, so a custom look was created.

Technologies Used

dhtml pull-down menus
This site sports pull down menus that are becoming so popular. The ability to get to any page from any page is a major benefit or this style of design.

javascript rollovers
Javascript rollover tabs visually let you know when more content is available as well as inform you as to what page you are on to conserve screen real estate.

cascading style sheets
The use of linked css permits instantaneous adjustments to font, color, leading and size throught the site. All without ever editing a single html page.

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